Thursday, October 16, 2014

KID GLOVES COME OFF: DC / Warners Announce Movies For Cyborg, Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and More

Somehow Cyborg I don't think you were alone - but sweet baby Jesus am I glad that my favourite Titan is getting his own film. Sure, it won't be as a New Teen Titan, but rather a member of DC's movieverse Justice League, however for fans of the Marv Wolfman and George Perez born character like I am, it's a win either way.

What am I talking about? For those who have spent today wireless (which has replaced the proverbial cardboard box), Warner Bros have announced three new Lego movies, more solo Superman and Batman films, and a movie slate of other DC properties that reads like this;

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25, 2016) - (Hopeful villain: Brainiac).

Suicide Squad (2016) - One of the four greatest reveals on this list, suddenly we see why Suicide Squad was relaunched so soon after the first new 52 series was canned, and why the team is rising in other licensed media as well. (Hopeful line-up: Vixen, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, Amanda Waller, plus killables).

Wonder Woman (2017) - Sure Blade and Elektra bet her, but Wonder Woman is finally taking her place among comics greatest with her first ever blockbuster feature. The title role will be filled out nicely by Gal Gadot. (Hopeful villain: Circe)

Justice League Part 1 (2017) - Sure a catchier name is probably on the way, but directed by Zack Snyder, this film is also set to star Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Amy Adams (Lois Lane) as well as no doubt many of the other heroes on this list. (Hopeful villains: Darkseid, Deesad, Kalibak, Lashina and The Furies, Parademons and Steppenwolf)

The Flash (2018) - With Ezra Miller in the title role, DC is declaring their smash-hit TV world separate from that of the Hollywood screens. This perfectly suits the publisher's classic Earth 1 / Earth 2 trademark characteristics. (Hopeful villain: Gorilla Grodd)

Aquaman (2018) - Another awesome announcement. Played by 'Conan' Jason Momoa, it looks like Aquaman will beat Marvel's Namor, the Sub-Mariner to the big screen, unless rights holders Universal see this as a challenge. (Hopeful villains: Ocean Master and The Trench)

Shazam (2019) - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has said he is playing arch-enemy Black Adam. That will undoubtedly be here. (Singular hope: Classic comic looking Captain Marvel, not dark and evil comic looking Shazam)

Justice League Part 2 (2019) - Directed by Zack Snyder, look for many of the main heroes to return. (Hopeful villains: The Injustice League; Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, Vandal Savage, Sinestro, Circe, Black Adam, Prometheus, Black Manta)

Cyborg (2020) - starring Ray Fisher in the title role, see start of post for nerdgasim on this one. (Hopeful villains: The Cyborg Superman)

Green Lantern (2020) - The fact this is not Green Lantern II leads to the idea of a reboot. Presumably with Green Lantern already in some of the above League based movies, this could even skip an origin heavy plot and get into something more epic, like oh say the destruction of Coast City and the rise of Kyle Rayner? (Hopeful villains: Mongul)

What Do You Think?


  1. Cyborg and Suicide Squad have me the most excited. I'm hoping in the Cyborg one there will be little TT easter eggs for all of us long time fans. And I'm anticipating awesomeness from SS. Guardians of the Galaxy showed us that the group of misfits that hate each other can make a great movie. Less chuckles and more Zero Dark Thirty, and I think this will be a home run.

  2. So do I Random. I think it will be cool to see how they portray Vixen on screen. I bet she is a character that will flow into future League movies too.

  3. Interesting list, especially Cyborg and Suicide Squad. I'm sure Shlomo's reaction was very mixed upon hearing this.

    Are they dying Momoa's hair color or no? Curious to find out how he'll look.
    I don't think the traditional orange and green will translate well in live-action, but the hook-handed Peter David era look would, as it would better suit Momoa.

    The Shazam one will be interesting as well. They'll have to cast very smart to go opposite the Rock.

    As for the rest, about time DC. The fact that Marvel's got them squarely beat, and almost have a third Avengers movie out is sad. DC's going to have to step up big time to match Marvel's momentum when it comes to comic movies.
    "Nuff Said.

  4. Thanks Dale - Marvel is very smart, I think people are starting to tire of the solo Iron Man and Thor films, so it is brilliant planning that they are just starting to head for the (IMO) more interesting cult likes of Doctor Strange, and the guardians, while maximising the trinitys established exposure primarilay in Avengers.

    Cap 2 was crazy ass awesome, so he gets as many more films as he wants.

    As for the above, I'm glad they kept the solo Batman and Superman films out. I'm kinda Bat movied out, and with Lego Batman getting his own film, would appreciate a break from a movie Gotham, unless Nightwing, was finally going to be involved.

    Suicide Squad, Captain Marvel (sorry Shazam just doesn't seem right), Aquaman and Wonder Woman are all brilliant calls to help space things out and show DC are more than just Mets and Goths.

  5. in general i don't get too caught up in the hype of upcoming movie projects no matter how much i like the concept. i would be very surprised if any live action movie actually managed to do justice to Ostrander's Suicide Squad like some of the more successful Marvel and DC movies like Iron Man or the Nolan Batman movies (the first two). truth be told i'd be more excited about a sequel to the last Dredd movie. by the way Dan i'm glad you liked my ROM, Dr. Strange team up sketch card but as far as an upcoming Strange movie goes i gotta say so far Marvel has struck out twice the last time they tried to do something with a character that was super natural in nature. of course i'm talking about the Ghost Rider films which were about as entertaining as one of those late night infomertial on ladies nail polish.

  6. Thanks Dave! Did you know Jock the artist did the lead concept work for Dredd? Pretty sweet huh?