Thursday, October 23, 2014

NO STRINGS ON ME: The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Fires Up The Scarlet Witch, Topless Thor, Hulkbuster Iron Man And More

How do you stop fandom talking about DC's recent movie slate reveals? Unleash the official teaser trailer to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pretty simple really.

The fact there's no Vision in that sucker almost made me cry as much as I screamed with excitement (I'm a bi-lingual guy). Ultron's Heath Ledger/Joker speech patterns are damn, damn awesome too. So much awesomeness. Congratulations House of Mouse, you may just have another billion dollars on your hands.


  1. I really enjoyed the trailer myself. Seems like they're also setting up for the movie adaptation of Civil War as well.

    Ultron looks really badass though.

  2. Thanks Dale, Yeah Captain America The Winter Soldier pretty much set up Civil War as the direction of the Marvel U, heck some sites are even referring to that film as Avengers 1.5 it did so much heavy lifting.

    As for Ultron he does look pretty wicked, but I'll second Newsarama's call for a wee bit more 'robotic' sound to the metallic monster towards all living organisms.

  3. Im so stoked for this film - the first Avengers movie left me cold but this seems really outtasite!

  4. Cheers Karl. I tell ya mate nothing with the Scarlet Witch ever goes wrong.

  5. The trailer was AWESOME! ...that being said; I'm a little disappointed in how much Ultron looks like a Beyformer in the face. And, while creepy, the Pinocchio-thing made me roll my eyes in the end- because: "Disney owns marvel! -Don't forget!" *shoves it in your face*