Friday, October 10, 2014

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Red Monika By Joe Madureira

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be just one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. These are Random Works of Wow and illustrating the point this week is Joe Madureira with of Red Monika of Battlechasers fame.

Did you know Red's original sketches had her inspiration labelled as the 'Jessica Rabbit' of the BC world? Somethings don't change.

But let me get this right; NYCC 2014 is this weekend and a couple of days prior Joe posts this pic of one of the key stars of his HIGHLY missed creator owned fantasy series?

Chances of a relaunch just went from 0 to 60 in seconds.

What do you think? Sound off below. View more Random Works of Wow here or to see more of Joe's art, click here.


  1. Totally get the Jessica Rabbit influence. Colors and boob size apparently;)
    Man what a messed opportunity that series was. I remember Wizard hyping it and all the anticipation....and then Madureira acted like he suddenly discovered video games for the first time, and forgot about BC.

    Damn shame....

  2. I can't fault him for that Dale. Even my life paused when I hit Final Fantasy VII... then Resident Evil..

  3. ...and the list never ends. I'll admit I get my head completely immersed when the new titles come out, but when I pull up for air I'd like to read BC. I mean, my thumbs need to rest sometime.

  4. Oddly enough Random, it's this sketch that shows best I think what is better about the new Joe Mad over the old. The hair is more realistic in the way it folds and the body in general is urm rounded out better.

  5. We all grow as we get older. :).