Monday, December 15, 2014

GOING OVER THE LINE: Marvel Reprints 80's Secret Wars Books

While I had seen the odd cameo and loved his role in Secret Wars #1, I didn't meet Wolverine in comics. The first adventure that sold me on why the popular mutant was just so down right cool, were the Marvel Super-heroes Secret Wars colouring and activity books (yes, they did make it this far south). So you can understand why, with today's news Marvel is reprinting these 80's creative hits, well, frankly I think I even peed a little.

Spidey and Wolverine vs Magneto and Doctor Octopus was the plot, and the other books saw Iron Man and Captain America combine to take on Kang and Doctor Doom.  Now all six previous books will be collected and reprinted into a Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity Book for March, as a lead in to this years new Secret Wars comic event.

160 pages of 80's cool and dot-the-dots, puzzles and more for $24.99, while it may be the world's most expensive activity book,  I have to give it to Marvel to know when to play the nostalgia card best.

 What do you think? 


  1. cool 80s nostalgia posting, and i even managed not piss my pants.

  2. I never saw those coloring books, but I can understand the sheer awesomeness of nostalgia they represent. Looks like Marvel's really going all out on this Secret Wars event to do something like this. I wonder of DC'll respond with a Convergence/30th anniversary of CRISIS coloring book put out post haste now.

  3. Thanks guys! This was one of my first exposures to Wolverine as I hadn't read X-Men before here. But anyone who teams up with Spidey had to be cool right?!

  4. I had that one on the left!!! Oh my gosh, how old am I? I wish we'd kept all that stuff, but they were coloring books. If mom had kept all of them they'd be on that show hoarders.
    Good times. Good times.

  5. If we both had kept them Random, we could've compared artworks!

    1. I always thought Wolverine looked good in purple. :)