Tuesday, January 06, 2015

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Freddy Krueger Breaks Up Mr. Incredible vs Batgirl Brawl

When someone talks about who could beat Batgirl, most comic fans would reply, 'Which Batgirl?' Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, every lassie who has ever donned the cowl brings dirreferent strengths. Recently on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, Batgirl and Mr Incredible took a break at posing with tourists, to get into a brawl only Freddy Krueger could break up. True story. Here's the vid:

I still can't believe Mr Incredible punched a girl. Jerk. Last May two Captain America's bet the tar out of a lone Spider-Man, which sounds like a joke, but isn't. Seems like on and off the comic book page there are heroes and villians. And anti-hero Freddy Krueger's.


  1. that was funny as Hell but what an incredible douche bag (pun intended) that guy was!

  2. He sure was Dave. And he was seriously laying in to her too. Not cool.. Who would've thought Freddy would be a hero after all?

    1. speaking of costumed throw downs did you see my Batman vs Black Spider fan art piece yet?

    2. Just had a quick look on your blogs from work Mr but can't see it? Might be missing something - I do see Batman vs Rom which is pretty cool though!