Thursday, January 15, 2015

ENERGON 16:6 - The Optimus Prime Stained Glass Window

I think it was Joe Casey, who when asked by Wizard if DC were attempting to modernize the Man of Steel like Marvel's Ultimate line, 'No we don't need Ultimate Superman, what's next? Ultimate Bible Stories?'

While I'm a little dubious on it's origins I have loved the truth out of that quote ever since. Not only is it true, it makes me wonder what Sunday School would've been like with tales of Superman in it. One fan who didn't stop at just picturing his hero with that Sunday School feel however is this guy:

Craig Kovatch's first EVER stained glass project, this Optimus Prime stained glass window is a 122 piece success. A software engineer by trade, this work is so good it makes me want to shatter all the windows in my house, just to ensure he can keep the awesomeness going (or at least make Soundwave - I have limited windows).

 What Do You Think? 


  1. Pensol7:10 pm

    I would read the HELL out of Ultimate Bible. In fact I might just write it but my version will include Iluvitar, Superman, Luke Skywalker & Cthulhu.

    The stained glass Optimus Prime is epic. I hope he does Superman next, especially in his current New 52 costume which I think is best.

  2. Thanks Pensol - like the Ultimate Bible cast choices there!