Monday, January 19, 2015

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Doctor Doom by John Gallagher

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be just one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it.

These are Random Works of Wow and illustrating the point this week is John Gallagher with Doctor Doom.

Now Darth Vader may have made news headlines last week with the sales numbers recorded for the debut of his latest comic series, but let's be honest, he's still no Victor Von Doom.

Taking a knodd from Marvel Ultimate and Sideshow Collectibles, John proves exactly that, reinforcing that Doom is still the premiere bad boy of the Marvel Universe.

Not only does this image shake up all kinds of awesome memories of the despot dictator from my childhood, it makes me thirst to see THIS Doom on the big screen. God if only...

 What do you think?  Sound off below. View more Random Works of Wow here or to see more of John's art, click here.


  1. Nope- we're gonna get spoiled rich-kid hacker DOOM! I was so excited for the new FF movie, until I heard that... I wish the rumor-mill had been true and they were gonna make Doom a woman who wanted to bone Reed. I'm completely okay with changes- except when they are stupid. A hacker? *sigh*

  2. freaking EPIC! for so long now i've been meaning to do some sorta ROM vs Doom fan art.

  3. If that drawing of Doom abso-fucking-loutley looking PIMP isn't Pimp, I don't know what is....

  4. Looks like this is a pretty big smash. And fair enough.. it's funny huh, in a lot of movies they make the costume more 'realistic', but in terms of Doom, he really won't work unless you go the green n metal route. It's just not Doom if you don't.

    There's got to be comic movies that aren't afraid to be comic. Guardians did it, Fantastic Four could too.