Saturday, January 31, 2015

THE MILKSHAKE THAT BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD: Mera, Elektra, She-Hulk And More Photographed Wearing Only Milk

Normally if you spill your drink on a lady it's an automatic date killer, Facebook meme or even slap generator (depending on how much beverage, the colour annnndddd the cost of the victimised dress). These ladies however proved not so precious when they posed for a new 2015 calendar, cosplaying of sorts as your favourite female comic characters, wearing only milk.

Not for the lactose intolerant, She-Hulk is easily (and not surprisingly) my low-trim favourite. The way the milk splashes around her figure stirs memories of the way the likes of John Buscema originally drew Jennifer Walters' alter-ego, back in her first 'Savage She-Hulk' days.

The brainchild of London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, this series soars as much for his choice of characters as it does for the results produced.

While there is no Rogue, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman or Vampirella, Jaroslav mixes comic book icons like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Storm, Batgirl and Catwoman, with rising stars like Elektra, Emma Frost, Power Girl, Ms. Marvel, Mera and Mary Jane / Venom.

Okay so Mera could also be Poison Ivy, but I'm leaning more towards Aquaman's main squeeze, due to her fluid powers.

Having already made his name in classy portraits of naked woman splashed in milk of the non chocolate variety, Jaroslav used all his digital editing prowess to give these photographs their full flavour.

For a behind the scenes video on Elektra's shoot, click here.

You're clicking to enlarge right? Calcium has never looked tastier or more part of your daily intake than now.

 What do you think? 


  1. OMG Dan! So many dirty remarks cum to mind( ;) ) but those ladies are very breathtakingly beautiful, especially covered in suggestive white fluids;)

    Shulkie's easily my fav too, w/Power Girl a very close 2nd.

  2. i had a comment of my own in regards to "milk" covered hot chicks but i won't go there given the PG rated nature of this blog.

  3. Ha - thanks guys. There are so many, I actually wrote a couple into the first draft of the story without even thinking. Add in other dairy products like cheese and cream and you're one playboy bunny away from a whole new industry.

    These guys know their class though. Their website is full of naked shots tastefully done, with no superheroes in mind. It's art and healthy for both the mind and diet. How did that happen?

  4. Those are gorgeous! I have no idea how they got through production without slipping up, though. I would have.

  5. Yeah- The Venom/MaryJane one steals it for me... She-Hulk is a close 2nd... followed by Mera/Poison Ivy... I thought of both, when I looked at it before reading, too!

  6. Thanks Random - I think it's equal parts genius and stunning personally.Every day a different one becomes my favourite. Today it's Ms. Marvel. God I hope we get to see that costume on film.

    Glad you liked it too King - what female would you add? I'd like to see Dagger. How they got her daggers, and chest symbol would be cool, never mind if they threw in Cloak for good measure!

    1. You nailed it- TOTALLY Dagger!!!
      ...maybe old-school Dazzler too.