Saturday, February 14, 2015

ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY: Spawn Fan Film Brings The Darkness

Today is Valentine's Day - a day to remind your partner more so than any other how much they put the Mjolnir in your Thor, the ROM in your Spaceknight, the Brighest Day in your Blackest Night etc.

Or - if you're single like me, it's time to yell "Bah-humbug!" from the windows and reflect on decent past loves, like... well like Todd McFarlane on his signature creation/beastie Spawn.

Seeing Todd draw Al's alter-ego on the variant cover for Spawn #250 is enough to set my heart a flutter. Many have come and gone since Todd left the title's interior art duties, but Goddamn he has never been beaten.

Also looking at being unbeaten is French film director, Michael Paris. He shot a fan film of the horrific hero in just two days, then spent two years adding special effects on just one computer!

From the Q&A on his Spawn: The Recall website, Paris says "The mask of Spawn was made with slices of real meat, that we painted to get an interesting textural effect. For the eyes we put real light bulbs in the eye sockets. What we had not planned was that the heat caused by the lights would melt the fat, and Spawn started to cry liquid fat. The actor underneath was really pleased!"

Give it a watch and see how to handle a comic film without becoming a Violator in the process.

 What do you think? 


  1. Nifty. And I never much cared for Spawn until now... hmmm.
    I'd love to meet someone who could lift Mjolnir. Or at the very least knew what it was before the movie came out. Or at least thought it was cute that I have a giant sticker of Thor on the wall over my bed (thanks again Dave). But until then I'll not quite settle for back issues and metaphors. With a couple of spicy similes thrown in for good measure.
    Happy V-Day down under!

    1. Thanks Random - same to you :)

      Glad you liked the fan flick. Today when a co-worker told another that I was into comics, 'she turned and asked me what side of the divide I fell on Marvel or DC. I don't know how it is up north but very few know any brand but Marvel here. They know Superman, The Justice League etc, they just don't know who makes them.

      So I replied, if you had said that at a con, you'd have had 12 proposals by now. Apparently her x was a fan.

    2. The trouble always is finding a guy who doesn't just think it's "adorable" that a girl likes comics, but is genuinely interested in them as well. Or at the very least doesn't snoot up about it when the term is mentioned, which to me only betrays ignorance of the subject and a lack of acceptance of people in general, two things I definitely do not want to be on a date with.

  2. Holy Fuckng Shit Dan!
    Now see, why can't Spawn have been written more like this? I'd read it.
    Damn those FX were amazing on such a short budget.
    Enjoyed the story, and the way you never saw the Clown, but you the voice really sold to me that he ws here and maniuplating the fuck of that kid.

    1. Thanks Dale - I'm pretty sure it was meant to be Clown too. I love all the little things in this that set the scene. The fly, the shadow people moving at high speed through the supermarket - it is all really slick stuff. And 'Spawn' sounds like a guy you don't want to mess with, not just a guy trying to sound like a guy you don't want to mess with.