Monday, February 09, 2015

THE COMICS' BEAT: Ego The Living Planet in Monster Magnet's 'Ego The Living Planet'

Does Lobo have a self-titled song? No? How about Punisher? The Legion of Super-Heroes? Iron Fist? Well stand aside 'heavy hitters', because Ego The Living Planet does. Yup, Marvel's Ego The FREAKIN' Living Planet.

Sure the track only has one line "I talk to planets, baby" but what a line it is. The band's rolling rock anthem provides a soundtrack like you'd hope for on a Jack Kirby-ish travel through the stars, and doesn't relent for well over five minutes.

Give it a listen and see what you reckon.

 What do you think? 


  1. I've been a Magnet-Head since high-school, seen 'em live a few times, and I use that line in day-to-day life. So- thanks for the post! Good way to start my morning at MAX VOLUME! Fuck you, neighbors!!! -I talk to planets, baby!!!

  2. Thanks King! The band sure do what they do well. I stumbled across this track when doing research for their previous track I've spotlighted in the Comics Beat featuring M.O.D.O.K., and I've just kept forgetting to slip it in - but what a great choice of character for a rock anthem!

    Tell your neighbours to work on harmonising and syncing their stereos to match. Life is better that way.

  3. Awesome track Dan! Damn does that shit rock or what? Those thunderous guitar riffs.....That'll wake ALL the neighbots, alive and dead.
    Space-Lord Mutha Mutha!!!!!
    Now change it to Star-Lord mutha mutha, and you have a guarenteed hit;)

    1. Space Lord, Mother FUCKER!

  4. Seems like this one is a hit ;)

    1. Sure is!
      When I saw them live once, in this little dive-bar in Cleveland, he lit his guitar on fire and played it!