Monday, February 02, 2015

THE COMICS' BEAT: Spider-Man in Ramsey Lewis' 'What's The Name Of This Funk (Spider Man)'

From 1975's Don't It Feel Good, What's the name of this funk threw some disco on Ramsey's jazz album - an album that debuted at #3 on the Billboard Jazz Albums and #5 on the R&B Albums chart. 

This single made its way to #6 on the Dance Music / Club Play Singles chart, making you think that maybe Bruno Mars could easily release it as a cover in today's market and get away with it kind of.

Heck even ol' Spidey here looks lit up like he has come down with disco fever. Give it a whirl and see what you reckon.

 What do you think? 


  1. hey Dan sorry for going off topic here but i just gotta ask you something. i never see you talking here or any where else about any DC animated feature. rather it be past stuff that most fans are unanimous about how awesome it is like Justice League Flash Point and Batman Assault on Arkham or more recent movies like Throne of Atlantis it never seems to be of any interest to you.

  2. Hey Dave, no worries at all mate. Truth is, since I got sick last year I've dialled back IADW to one post a day, and in doing so I have to pick my battles about what I cover, because I'd rather cover a few areas well then a lot pretty badly.

    In writing out that list I decided to leave all TV and DVD comic news alone. While that might change with Luke Cage and Iron Fist soon to be hitting the small screen, at the moment with Arrow, Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Constantine and the DVD line etc all firing on all cylinders I just don't have the space to do them properly.

    Even with the movies I really only post trailers, as I really want to keep this site focussed on my first love; comics and what fans do to show their love of them, rather than become a comic movie site like some comic sites have that have being taken over by focussing on the movie news in the hopes of higher audiences.

    I might do a Top 6 Comic DVDs post at some time, but I'll let a few more come out first :D

    1. well that certainly explains that thanks for that mate. funny you should mention all those comic book based TV shows about 2 or 3 weeks ago i completely scratched em from my DVR recording schedule. like any other CW show i've never been into Arrow as i'm sure you know already and the previews of Flash were enough alone to turn my nose at that show too. Agents SHIELD has long since again slipped into a series of mediocre episodes that consistently fail to keep my attention. i gave Gotham a chance but it's pretty much on par with SHIELD in terms of entertainment value. i also saw an episode of Agent Carter it wasn't bad but again it was nothing that had me feeling like i was gonna miss out on anything if i didn't watch the show. Constantine, i dunno i'm having a hard time putting my finger on what about that show doesn't grab me i just know it doesn't. so yeah in short none of these shows are worth me using the precious little free time i have during the work week. from now on i'm sticking strictly to FX network shows like Sons of Anarchy (when it was on), The Strain and Justified which almost never disappoint or fail to entertain me. same goes for some of the stuff on Showtime like The Affair that show is a mind&*%$ with how close it hits home.

  3. Now this is tooooo coool for school Dan. Never heard this one before.
    You always seem to find some cool music to showcase here, then I wind up looking it up and adding it to my own collection. Awesome.

    I hear ya' about not always trying to stay topical in regards to other media.
    I'm still digging Arrow myself, not so much on Flash though. Just doesn't maintain my interest enough to keep up with it really.
    SHIELD sucks, so no go there, as does Gotham. Someone else brought this up, but wouldn't his eventual villains be too old to really fight him when Bruce does finally grow old enough to fight them as Batman? Lame.

    The new Daredevil series on Netflix looks hella good though. My only minor complaint, is the costume.....for now. I get its' his proto-suit, but why does it have to look so much like the one we saw back in the 80's, in the Trial of the Incredible Hulk tv movie?
    Yeah, it's canon ever since Frank Miller introduced it in his DD origin tale, but still....
    Otherwise, just based off the trailer alone, it looks like it'll be a big hit.

  4. Thanks Dale - glad you like the tracks. Sooo many numbers still to go and that's just Superman, but I'll try and keep things varied... so many great references don't have online videos. It's really sad.

    I'm looking forward to Netflix's Luke Cage - I think he could be a breakout character for Marvel if handed right - at least to get an action figure that screams 'Sweet Christmas' as it decks someone :)