Sunday, February 01, 2015


Ever wanted to cosplay Power Girl, but just don't have the right *cough* 'assets'? Well your prayers have been answered! 

Japanese F-Cup Cookies promise your make your breasts grow by eating them. I hear plastic surgeons are resigning in waves after this little revolutionary nugget of invention and sugary goodness - oh wait, they're not, because eating large amounts of cookies always make your boobs grow - just not in the way most ideally dream.

While male-targeted 12" Twinkies are probably not far off the company's 'idea list', the box of 14 F-Cup Cookies say their secret ingredient is 50mg of Pueraria Mirifica

While that sounds like a cat food and probably shares the same taste, it is listed on Wikipedia as a herb believed to have youth recapturing properties. So who knows? Just if you go from Jubilee to Rogue in a midnight binge, let me know and I'll put an update on this post, to put the minds of others at ease.

 What do you think? 


  1. Japan is just weird.

  2. No shit Ging. If this doesn't prove it, their renowned vending machnines full of used panties, sealed it for me.

    Someone should really take you up on this offer and those cookies. Damn that sounds dirty doesn't it?;)

  3. i'm thinking Japanese automotive and electronic products are probably more reliable then these boob cookies.

  4. -Uncontrollable urge to feed these to (willingly) captive Japanese girls (of legal age- I'm not a pervert!), and then fondle them like sweaters...

    ...perhaps I roll with a different crowd?

  5. Wait... fondle the cookies?

  6. Thanks guys! I love how slack asian marketing regulations are. As that's my day job here in Middleearth, I can just imagine if we created some half baked scheme for Tittie Twinkies and claimed the same thing. We'd be on the news by 6 with feminist groups calling for blood. Still, any promotions good promotion right?

    Also is it me or is the wrong model on the box for biscuits trying to sell you 'F-Cups'? Just sayin'.

  7. The King and I(ha ha) call dibs on feeding any and all members of the itty bitty titty commitee.
    FBI(Female Boobie Inspectors) in da hiszzus!

    1. HA!
      All sizes are sexy- I was just looking for an excuse to grope Asians...
      Asians are the best.

    2. This is one of the best comment threads to read ever I reckon :)

    3. Also, it serves as a public service announcement for all Asian girls in KoT's area.

    4. A public service announcement to: PARTY OVER HERE!