Sunday, April 05, 2015

LIKE A SYMBIOTE: One Woman's Wraparound Marvel Leg Tattoo

Many people live their lives looking at female legs on the internet, but few are worth promoting on said inter-webby like this one belonging to Bethanie Jeremenko. A complete salute to some of Marvel's most popular heroes, anti-heroes and villains, the Marvelette who provided the canvas for such a masterpiece recently posted this image on Instagram for all the world to... well,... marvel at.

Incase you can't quite make out the insane level of detail that puts this tattoo thigh above any competiton, those featured include Thor, Iron Man, Carnage, Venom, Juggernaut, Blade, Doctor Strange, Sabertooth, Hulk, Phoenix, Black Widow, Black Tom, Deadpool, Gambit and of course, Wolverine (I think I even see the Invisible Woman too)!

Posted as an 'I miss you' to her tattooist: Sam Kotowski of Heaven Nor Hell Tattoos, this is one 'sleeve' that is sure to prove revamped continuity or not, Marvel will always have a leg to stand on.

 What do you think? 


  1. THAT... is some TRULY EPIC ink! Holy crap. know; she could have saved a lot of money and just had some Black Milk leggings printed up.

    1. Ha and saved the pain too! Some parts of the leg would be mighty tender - hence the 'knee designs' I guess. Go Juggy for the win!