Tuesday, April 07, 2015

THE COMICS' BEAT: Mysterio in Great Balancing Act's 'Mysterio'

This week's 'Comics Beat' hits a different note. It comes from IADW reader Danny Sichel, who emailed me to ask if I'd heard of Mysterio by Canadian band Great Balancing Act.

A fan of all the classic Spidey rogues, how could I say no. The songs funky beats spells out a nod to Mysterio's creator and reveals exactly what is inside that bowl head after all.

While there is no vid to the track as yet, click play on the MP4 below to hear it for yourself! Thanks for the heads up Danny!


  1. -Could not get the track to play on my computer, and could not find it on the YouTubes... I am disappoint. Mysterio is such a classic. I wish he could have had some better stories about him... I mean he has had good ones- but not as many as he should have!!! Kevin Smith's was his highlight for me.

  2. Thanks King - sorry it's not workin' for you. My favourite Mysterio tale is a done in one story in an anniversary issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, that explores the loneliness of being the man in the bowlhead. Like I say above though I have a mad love for all the classic spidey rogues, and its just great to see Mysterio - who we all know would make an AMAZING movie villain, has his fans too.