Friday, May 08, 2015

HAWKMAN IN HOLLYWOOD? Suicide Squad Photos Pose Potential

Few things excite me about DC more than Hawkman. As a kid, the idea of a guy who works with dinosaurs by day and is a sci-fi alien policeman by night blew my mind. Combining my two favourite loves in one character, it now may not be long before Hollywood audiences are treated to the same.

Based on pics that have surfaced at IGN over the set of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, it seems that at least part of the films action will be shot in 'Midway City' - the DC Comics home of the Winged Wonder for much of his history, as well as his partner in crime, Hawkwoman.

 What do you think?  See the rest of the uncovered images here. 


  1. that Hawkman panel is awesome. can't say the same about the Ant-Man film from what i've seen of the previews but i'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised like i was for the Robocop reboot or with the first Blade movie for that matter. if nothing else i hope we'll get to see San Francisco get messed up as seen in the recent Planet of The Apes movies and Godzilla.