Friday, May 15, 2015

IN MEMORY OF: Glen Orbik, 1963 - 2015

If I had a dollar for every time I had stared at this image, I'd be on my own island, swimming in cocktail glasses made from emerald pineapple-shaped glasses, while Mariah Carey sings r&b tunes in the distance.

It's almost all I love about comics in one image. A strong pulp feel, mixed with that mythological feeling that only super-heroes can provide.

Sadly, while I only got to cover his work in a post of Making A Mark, the artist responsible for this masterwork, Glen Orbik, passed away last Monday at the age of 51, after fighting a massive battle with cancer.

Aside from Aquaman, Glen had produced amazing images on everyone from Spider-Man through to the Joker, but as often is the case with artists in such a crowded industry, never really got the level of praise his work deserved. 

Still this is all beaten by the highlight of being a creative mind, in that your work will always outlast you, and continue impressing people long after you've gone. 51 may be an incredibly young age to move on from this earth, but in many ways, art included, he is with us still.


  1. Yeah definite surprise, and cancer too. I've seen a few of his covers, and man, that art-style was/is just super unique. He truly jus did not get the props that other talented painters like Alex Ross and the like get.

  2. Thanks Dale - his non 'super' covers were his biggest body of work it seems, but like you say, that didn't stop him being iconic when it came to the world of capes and tights.