Friday, May 29, 2015


Ivan Reis has to be the most jinxed superstar artist of all time. He took over Green Lantern - he had to create the Sinestro Corps. He took over Aquaman - he had to create The Trench. Now, as you can see in the preview below he will soon launch Cyborg and what do you know? He has to create another villainous evil race from scratch there too.

Everytime he gets a new gig he has to design a world of new faces!! Just watch (click to enlarge):

Now that aside, while I haven't followed DC52 continuity in years, and I'm still a little confused by the seeming results of Convergence, I am stoked to see Cyborg finally getting his own series - even if he never was the Cyborg heart of The New Teen Titans that I first knew and got addicted to him as.

In fact with his own movie in the works, you could say if there's one thing I'm thankful to the DC52 for, it's that it got people putting their hands together for Vic.

Here's hoping this series lasts longer than the brand which gave him his due.

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  1. Poor Ivan for having to draw such beautifully rendered and designed panels, lol.
    He could litterally draw shit, and it'd look spectacular.

    I'm just curious when he'll get the itch to jump to Marvel or do creator-owned work.