Saturday, May 16, 2015

PINCH ME, I'M DREAMING: Sleepwalker Getting A Fan Film Series

Today in New Zealand is actually my birthday, so I'm out doing birthday stuff. Originally, I wanted to pre-write a post on one of the first comics I ever collected for a long period of time, but one that sadly isn't around now like 90's hits, New Warriors, Darkhawk, Force Works or Sleepwalker. 

Mistakingly typing 'Sleepwalker' in Facebook instead of Google, I was actually blown away by the results.

It seems the policeman of the Mindscape, who now trapped in one mind and only walking the earth as his host Rick Sheridan sleeps, is actually getting his own fan made series of live action episodes! Better still, his infamously goofy cool foe Eight-ball will be right there to menace him.

Due 'Fall 2015', the Facebook page does a great job of showing some behind the scenes magic, like in the photos below, as the series steps further away from 'dream' status, and more into reality.

Now if there was just a Darkhawk fan with the talents to do the same...

 What do you think? 


  1. Dan for your b-day weekend I hired a special lady-ish kinda person from San Francisco in your honor. he'll . . er I mean she'll take care of all your needs. K.o.T seems to be MIA cuz normally he's be all over this he's something of a Sleep Walker fan.

    1. Right? I was m.i.a., you called it, though!

  2. BAD ASS. Dude, the level of detail and obvious love and care that went into this is amazing and inspiring. I truly hope Marvel sees this and takes notice.
    I can actually see that look being given to 8-Ball, since they are for realism in the movies nowadays, but yeah, just wow.

    Again, Happy Birthday Brother.

  3. Thanks Dave ! - Nothing arrived, but maybe you addressed it to Old Zealand? They're not so cool and somewhat further left :)

    Cheers Dale, I think this is one of the coolest projects I've read about in ages. It's so great when the awesome characters on the back benches get the kinda fan love that is usually reserved for Bats and co. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this!

  4. Cheers! Happy belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a good one...



    -I still think I'm dreaming; this looks insane! The fact that it exists / will exist blows my mind...
    I mean...... 8-Ball?!?!?! Fucking 8-Ball!!! "This call's for you, Bugface!!!"

  5. Thanks King - Be sure to use the link to the Facebook page above - they posted up shots from day one of filming and a few costume checks over the last few days. So jealous, I want to be part of it. They're even giving away the odd poster or two!


    Oh my oh my... I'll take this as a five month advance birthday gift. Thanks Dan!

  7. No worries Nuno - this is going to be amazing!