Monday, May 18, 2015

THE COMICS' BEAT: Doctor Octopus in The Tearjerkers' 'Comic Book Heroes'

It's easy to spot Marvel fans. In The Tearjerkers Comic Book Heroes the band pretty much names all Marvel's big guns to a catchy beat, without a Kryptonian word.

The Fantastic Four, Dr Strange, Magneto and Cyclops are all there, but for me they all lose out to Doctor Octopus. As a kid the classic Lee/Ditko Spider-Man villains ruled my world - which is still a mental trump card even at this ripe old age.

"Doc Ock, Von Doom, and Magneto,
ker-pow, sock, wham they're finito"

 What do you think? 


  1. Never heard of this band until now, but I dig the hell out of the subject material. Gotta' admire a group that just boldly puts it out there they still want to be a comic book hero.
    You and both guys, you and me both.

    1. Thanks Dale. Each time I play it the hook sticks with me for hours... glad you liked it too.