Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD: The Star Trek Voyager Shaped Corporate HQ

Birds get all the cool views. Sunsets, northern lights, watching the hottie over the fence next door swim in the pool - and now looking down on a building that looks like the Star Trek Voyager!

Okay so maybe the architect hasn't yet seen the Batmobile, but let's carry on. Costing a galactic $160 million dollars to construct, the H.Q. for software firm NetDragon is the dream come true for the company's C.E.O. (no word yet if he also has the yellow jumper to match his status).

To see a video of said structure, click here.


  1. That's fucking cray Dan! Wake me when they get to making that Batmobile;)

  2. I thinks millions make folks crazy Dale. It would me. I'd be walkin round singin' make it rain all day long ;)

  3. never much cared for Voyager as a series (unlike The Next Generation, DS9 and Enterprise) or as a starship design but i have to admit this is still kinda cool.