Thursday, June 11, 2015

FOLLOW THE CREATOR: Joe Madureira - Bringing Back Battle Chasers

The internet can be a labyrinth at times. Many creators are sadly avoiding the trolls of social media, but fortunately not all. One dude you seriously need to be paying attention to is Joe Madureira. Over on he and the team at Airship Syndicate are bringing back Battle Chasers.

Just check out this character sketch for a sample of what's going down...

He hasn't said or done anything yet and I'm already addicted! Plus who doesn't like Gully? How more comics haven't picked up on the fantasy market and run with it I don't know.

Still, just the fact the legendary artist's hit comic is poised to return, in both comic and game form, is reason to celebrate.

Not only does Joe take you behind the scenes on social media, he also opens up competitions for you to name the fresh faces finding their home in Battle Chasers lore.

Ready to get liking? Follow the Battle Chasers today on Facebook, Twitter or right here on the web.


  1. I'll reserve judgement, but I will say his art has never been the issue. In fact, as he gets older, the artwork gets better. My question is whether or not he's finally but those issues he had when he was younger, such as deadlines, behind him. Those issues caused long-term damage to fans that really has yet to mend, so here's hoping this is a good step in the right direction towards fixing that.

  2. Cheers Dale. You sure are right, his art has gotten better with age. Savage Wolverine, Inhumans, and his Spider-Man run weren't that hampered by time (compared to Sandman, Saga especially ;) ).

    While he only did an arc on each, it sure showed how his skills, priorities had changed and oddly enough what designing 3 D had taught him about body language etc.

    I still get a kick out of reading those books and if he gets B.C. back online I'm pretty sure I will there too. For me this is great news :)