Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MARVEL KNIGHTED: Jon Bernthal Cast As Netflix's Punisher

Thankfully, Netflix's Marvel Daredevil series blew out screens across the globe simultaneously, due it's gritty no-holds-barred realism, perfect casting and twisted story lines. It is the best live-action comic TV series ever, and in it's entirety, even challenges comic movies for their genre's title too.

Today, that incredible winning streak continued, as Netflix revealed Jon Bernthal has been cast as The Punisher for series two.

A silencer for any critics who felt he should never have been written out of fellow hit TV series, The Walking Dead, Jon hasn't even been seen in Frank Castle's trademark black's and the internet is already ablaze and salivating over what is sure to be a potential spin off role.

With Elektra, Bullseye, Mr Fear and Mysterio all on the rumoured season 2 list, Frank will have plenty to aim at, especially if the actor's source material is anything to go by...
 What do you think? 


  1. You know what? Instead of instantly hating(which is something I don't feel compelled to do about this choice) on this casting, I'll sit back and watch him succeed(or fail) a the new Frank Castle.

  2. Fair enough. I don't think anyone in this series can fail Dale, based on that first season it's revamping standards all over the show. mind you so is Sense8 - have you seen that? Wow so good. Especially the fight scenes!

  3. This is PERFECT fucking casting! The second it was announced- I thought so!!!