Sunday, June 21, 2015

HITTING THE RIGHT NOTE: 6 Comic Ideas For US Treasury's 2020 $10

The U.S. Treasury says in 2020 they will chuck Alexander Hamilton off the tenner and replace him with (gasp) a woman to commemorate 100 years of the female vote. Oddly enough in New Zealand, Kate Sheppard has been on our $10 note for ages, and led the movement that made this country the first in the world to give voting rights to women.

Now while the states will probably chose Oprah, Harriet Tumban or Wonder Woman, let's see who fiction can offer. I mean, come on - just tell me the Sorceress from Masters of The Universe above doesn't suit!

Landlords, power companies, x-partners, children - they all can smell money in your wallet and suck the remaining cash from its lining like vampires - so why not put the most famous female vampire of all in there to combat them? Vampirella has been the cult face of pulp fiction for decades, and while her wardrobe will make the tenner popular with teens like never before, she deserves a shot.

$10 is a little easier to 'make it rain' with than a cool hundy. So why not put Storm in pride of place? X-Men comics were almost a currency of their own in the 90's and she's got that cool headband thingee which always makes for a great portrait.

Who make the other three choices? Click here to see!

Don't tell me you can argue with She-Hulk? She's the non-X-Marvel Universe's most iconic female (sorry Ms. Marvel), and her skin's green!

You'd be able to print a one colour job and save the country billions! That Shulkie... always saving the day.
One minute it's up, the next minute it's down. It buys happiness, it causes despair, face it, money is more volatile than Typhoid Mary

If anything suffers from multiple personality disorder like Daredevil's arch nemesis, it's money. I love you, I hate you, I need you, You ruined my life - any of these phrases could be said to either on a routine basis.

A wicked costume design by Alex Ross, that stands as one of the best ever, red hair, a member of DC's biggest franchise, and one of the pioneering lesbian characters in comic history, Batwoman bucks the trend in all the right ways for this project.

 What do you think?  Dagger, Shi, Spider-Woman, the Baroness - who would you put on the new $10? 


  1. Vampirella, Sorcerress, or shulkie works fine for me, but something tells me, those lovely ladies wouldn't stop for nothing short of being on a hundred dollar bill;)

  2. I'd hate to think what the Sorceress would do if you used the wrong bill. Cartoon sorceress, not the wrinkled prune they used in the movie. Great movie but that was just wrong on so many levels.