Sunday, June 28, 2015

'Witchblade' Final Issue To Remember Co-Creator Michael Turner

With this weekend being the anniversary of the passing of iconic artist Michael Turner, it is also bittersweet timing, that Top Cow has just announced the series with which Turner made his name, Witchblade will cease with #184, the title's 20th anniversary issue.

With The Darkness still in limbo at Top Cow after almost two years, cancellations seem to actually mean something at Image Comics. Still, 90's me finds it hard to imagine either two of the industry giants of that decade are now facing such a fate.

The 48 page final issue will feature a Michael Turner commemorative cover, and represent some of his iconic work on his co-creation, rescripted for the occasion. Other all-star artists returning for the curtain-closer, include Keu Cha, Stjepan Sejic, Randy Green and fellow co-creator, the legendary Marc Silvestri.

 What do you think? 


  1. Turner seemed to have it all at one point, and then came that tragic stroke of bad luck. I wonder if there was ever a written account of his life. I would be interested in learning more about him.

  2. Just read about this too. I guess sales have slipped so much they can't justify keeping it around anymore. First Darkness, now Witchblade....Yeah I hear ya' man, very weird indeed to see them gone.

  3. Hey 7Christian! That he did - I know Wizard Magazine at the time actually did a great biography on him after his first return to drawing after major treatment (not sure if a digital copy exists though). It was so good I scrapbooked it as an inspirational story. As to whether one was done after his passing I can't see, but the online memorials Google thows up are nice to spend some time drifting through if you have a spare moment. Thanks for dropping in.

    Yeah Dale, kind of makes you appreciate the likes of Savage Dragon and co in a new light huh mate?