Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Nightwing, Mary Marvel, Plastic Man and The Invisible Woman

Sometimes in live you just feel like the square peg in the round hole, the DCSeeker at Image Expo, the Beyonce in the Spice Girls, etc, etc. To convey that feeling, this cosplay spotlight celebrates the odd one out. DC, DC, DC, Marvel, or red, red, red, blue - here's to all those random peeps out there who stand out in a crowd.

Sure, if there was any decency in the world, Nightwing would be back to his blue sunday best, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon (esp since Dick is just super-spy 'Grayson' at the moment). Heading the winds of change, famous Nightwing cosplayer Dynamite Webber has now adapted to the character's DC52 red look.

Keeping with famous cosplayers, Riddle Messy Wardrobe has been The Wasp, the Rocketeer and more, but her as Mary Marvel, she sure brings the fun and innocence to Captain Marvel's favourite feminine sidekick - and you can click right here to see her take on Mary's evil alter-ego!

With humour comics on the rise, I was shocked that Plastic Man wasn't one of the returnees in the age of DC YOU releases. He's been missed during the 52 and helmed one of the Convergence mini's, yet fans have to settle for amazing cosplays like T Money Cosplay's efforts captured at SDCC2012 by asphotography.ca in the meantime. Heck, he looks like he actually can bend!

Mariedoll proves while Photoshop may give her added powers, nothing beats a classic - and the Invisible Woman sure is one of those. In the Jack Kirby classic uniform no less, this is one lady who I doubt will ever fade from sight.

 What do you think? 


  1. Sue for the win for me, with Mary bringin up the rear(lol) Thanks for playing Wannabe Plas.

  2. I love the Mary one. Kind of jealous of it actually.

  3. Thanks guys! I like the Nightwing one best me - just needs to be blue. That looks movie ready!

  4. Hi Dan. Thanks for the mention! I'm working on getting Plas into the CW universe, as I am not only a cosplayer, but actor as well. Please check out my petition, which I started long before Elongated Man was cast, and contact David Rapaport and Greg Berlanti as well. In the future feel free to credit my cosplays as T Money Cosplay.



    1. Hey T Money - thanks for dropping by - you do great work and have amended the post with the credit deserved.

      Plastic Man would be great on the CW shows - good luck in any auditions when the time comes!