Tuesday, July 07, 2015

OUTSIDERS RETURN? Metamorpho, Katana and More Get 2016 Minis

Comics 1-0-1. In the 90's cash mattered and collectors loved mini-series because they were a fast stream of #1's. In the 00's continuity mattered so mini-series were booed as a waste of time. In the 2010's continuity is out the window, so mini series' are back baby! 

DC Comics on USA Today announced 2016 would be full of at least eight mini-series, reuniting characters such as Swamp Thing, Metamorpho and Firestorm with their classic writers. I'm thinking the series of mini's could also tease the return of DC super team, The Outsiders. Don't believe me? Just check out that comet behind Katana...

The series reads as Swamp Thing written by co-creator Len Wein - who will also write a Metal Men mini. Marv Wolfman writes Teen Titan Raven while Gerry Conway returns to Firestorm, and Mike W. Barr returns to his sword wielding superstar with Katana: Cult of the Kobra.
Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death takes spot seven with writer Amy Chu, Keith Giffen revives Sugar & Spike, and Aaron Lopresti keeps the Outsiders theme strong with Metamorpho.

The final nail in my Outsiders Reborn theory (apart from the fact DiDio used to write the team so has an obvious affection for them), is this quote from Dan over on USA Today "[Each mini series] has a beginning, middle and end, and something that affects the course of that character that we would be able to launch and take further if things are successful."

 What Do You Think? 


  1. Outsiders huh? Interesting, especially with Halo in the background.

  2. I would love to see the original Outsiders reunited - but only if Batman and Looker are with them.

  3. I agree the Outsiders are nothing without Batman but then again hes in damn everything so im unsure about his inclusion

  4. Thanks Karl, Dougie and Dale! I'd actually like it if Nightwing lead the team. I know he's all secret spy Grayson at the moment, but I liked his stepping into Batman's mantle... that said the iconic line-up is hard to beat...