Sunday, July 12, 2015

WHEN AMAZONS KICK IN: The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer

A memorial to a dead Robin? WONDER WOMAN. Zod. Hints of The Joker. WONDER WOMAN. Where Bruce Wayne was during Man of Steel (and what triggers their grudge match), WONDER WOMAN... yup, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con trailer sure punches above its weight!

Yeah, director Zack Snyder might be on to another winner right here. That origin of Bruce Wayne's anger towards superman adds so much more 'omph'! to the story. AND WONDER WOMAN!! Roll on March 26, 2016!


  1. ya know I haven't been to the Comic Con since 1999 but I think it's time I give some serious thought to catching it next year especially since my fiancé has a time share in San Diego. they actually had a cool piece on the news about it yesterday in regards to the Comic Con's origins which started in 1970 in some obscure hotel in San Diego and it drew only about 150 people. it's come a long way since then wouldn't you say?
    anyways, that trailer looks awesome let's hope the movie delivers as well. oh and speaking of movies Dan I saw Mad Max Fury Road last night. it was playing at this small neighborhood theater that's known for screening independent movies and more mainstream ones that aren't playing at the big chain theaters any more. the funny thing is I got there a bit late and couldn't find a ticket booth any where they've got kinda of a weird set up inside but I guess that's because it's a speak easy theater they sell alcohol, have lounge seating in the theater and a full kitchen with servers that actually come to your seats. anyways, I ended up wandering into the movie and just finding a spot on stair way step to sit down (all the couches and seats were full damnit) on and watch the movie. i'm afraid the movie was a bit too bizarre for my taste and all the continues drive fight scenes in the movie just got to the point where they all just blurred together into one long tedious action sequence. I prefer the original Road Warrior movie the pacing of the story was better as well as the mix between action and character/story development. although I did dig Hardy as the Max character and Theron was her usual awesome self even with just one arm she would make Roy Harper proud.

  2. The most exciting thing for me in that trailer was the women. I got to see my favorite on screen Lois, Ma Kent, and..dadadum...Wonder Woman!

    Can we just leave the men out of the movie and do Wonder Woman now? I'd be happy with that.
    Also, just a suggestion...Birds of Prey, the Movie. Don't tell me dudes wouldn't see that.

  3. Thanks Dave! We have a similar theatre like that here too but I don't go there too much. The sound is a bit funny. When is Charlize Theron ever not awesome - so much talent in so many ways. Thanks for sharin your thoughts on the movie - going to Ant-Man tomorrow night - cant wait

    Im with you Random - Diana first then more Batman. No wait, Diana first then Vixen (Jada Pinkett Smith has to play her)!, then more Batman.