Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WORLDS RECOLLIDE: DC Announces Milestone 2.0

If I could jump in a time bubble and go back to the DC / Milestone age of comics this poster signifies, I would in a heart beat. These were great days, before over seriousness took over mainstream comics.

Now those fun days are even closer to returning, with DC announcing that Static Shock, Icon, Rocket, Hardware and Xombi will all return as Milestone Media becomes the official Earth M of the new DC Multiverse.

Always sold as much on creators as it was on comics, the original Milestone was where I discovered the crazy cool dark art of John Paul Leon. In Milestone 2.0, creators will include original co-founders Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, and Reginald Hudlin as well as Christopher Priest. 

Super stars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will also cast their lines into the pool, for as yet unannounced projects, no doubt to help with the new universe's relaunch.

Static will no doubt lead the way, as plans kick off for a series of graphic novels — up to two a year — as well as various one-shots and miniseries. 

 What do you think? 


  1. I really hope DC does right by Milestone and their creators this time around. I know the mistreatment of the characters back in 2006 had to have left a bad taste in their mouth, so to back again.....Didio and Co must've really sweetened the pot, besides new DC sponsored merch like toys, and the like. Good on them if they succeed. God willingly, DC will let Milestone be their own thing without crossing over with the main DCU characters, because if they do, you know who's doing the job.

  2. Amen Dale. Amen. Let's keep it simple. Let them do their thing.

  3. I agree - like the original Milestone, I 'd say start small and build slowly is key. I always thought Rocket was the breakout character of the universe, and still remember the teen pregnancy issues. Hopefully her and Icon return as the second title in the line.