Friday, August 28, 2015

FLASH TO GREEN ARROW: Full 80's DC Comics Style Guide Online

It was meant to be a inhouse style guide for the 80's - showing DC Comics' staff how the company's premier heroes moved, stood and flew. Now, it is a time capsule on Facebook highlighting the artwork of José Luis García-López, who helped defined DC's greatest era with work that fuelled his 40 plus years as a master of the medium. 

While many of the images contained for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Robin have been prominently used in marketing over the years, the real bonus for this fan comes from seeing the model sheets and reference poses for characters García-López's name isn't so associated with. Plas and the Teen Titans above two of the prime examples.

With hints of Robotman, The New Gods, Black Canary, Firestorm and more in the group shots (but not having character pages of their own), this little timewarp could easilly be three times as long, and still just as amazing. Check it out on Facebook today at José Luis García-López fans.


  1. I KNOWWWWWWW!!!!!! I saw these on FB too, and sweet god are they gorgeous or what? He should've done a single issue of the old DC's Who's Who. I know he did an entry or two, but a whole issue of just his illustrations? Sold. And as its been said alot of recenrly, here's your blueprint DC to go back to the "Meat" and "Potatoes" approach you're suddenly scrambling for and have been blatantly ignoring for years now. Here's hoping this is really where DC slowly but surely turns around. This is how it should go back to, minus the dated looks. Just beautiful.....

  2. I agree. Hopefully with DC being asked to revert to basics as well, we'll see the return of team up comics with done in one stories like Brave and The Bold. I think done in ones would be a refreshing read for many jaded fans - and hey, who doesn't like Batman?