Saturday, August 29, 2015


One of the challenging things about writing this website in the first country to see the sun, is in the timezones. Do I write for the day it is here in New Zealand, or do I write for the day it is in the United States?

Case in point - today's post celebrating the birthday of Jack Kirby.

So many characters on this page from the DC Super Powers series that I would have killed to see 'The King' do an expanded run on - Flash, Firestorm and Dr Fate amongst them - it really is an awesome spread, and one that shows how dynamic Jack could even make a room full of talking capes seem.

While I never understood a lot of his work as a kid, now I don't think I travel many places without taking something of his with me. From a pocket digest of his Captain America, to the amazing KIRBY coffee table book, his legacy is a huge driver, and I look forward to seeing how the comics community celebrates 100 years of Kirby in two years time.

 What do you think?  For more great splash pages, click here.


  1. Happy Birthday to the King indeed. Damn man, you really are a big Kirby fan. You really take someting of Kirby's along with you everywhere you go? Now that my friend is dedication:)

    I definitely give you props for showcasing this particular era of Kirby's. I'll honestly say it's not my favorite, but it did give us the Super Powers wave of figures.

    God Bless Ya' King.

  2. Thanks! I've never seen that page before. Firestorm would have been a great Kirby vehicle, really- I never realised that. As a blend of Johnny Storm and Peter Parker, he's a transplanted Marvel character in the first place. Then there's the clash between youth and experience, the power set...and he's wearing Lightray's headgear, anyway. Good call.

    Red Tornado, like Machine Man or Quasimodo or the Recorder, might have spoken to Kirby too and the Amazon Wonder Woman should certainly have had a run-in with Barda's Furies.

  3. Dougie's definitely got a point on Firestorm being more of a Marvel character than DC. I think since he was the creation of a longtime Marvel writer Gerry conway, that was no accident.
    Could've hung out with Nova since they pretty much debuted around the same time, with nova having a year or two jumpstart.

    I'm pretty sure Marvel would have the same issue with revolving partners to fuse w/Ronnie like DC has had.

  4. I always thought that Firestorm would work best with a nomadic hitchiking Ronnie being a human Dial H For Hero of sorts, and fusing with random people to fight the evil at hand. That way it keeps it fresh and still has the core Peter Parker ish aspect that made the character so popular in the beginning.

    I agree Jack would have been a great FS artist - especially on the scenes where he creates those giant atom signs as he uses his powers. I think Ivan Reis thought so too. If you look at how he draws FS in the Blackest Night series, Kirby dots are always in the centre of the firehair. Check it out here:

    The guy I thought Jack drew best in the Super Powers comics (apart from Darkseid) was Green Lantern. Not only did it give Jack space to draw, the classic GL mask and uniform just looked really sharp under his pen.

    Thanks guys!