Sunday, October 25, 2015

SWEET AS: The Top 6 From DC Comics' January 2016 Solicitations

When we Kiwis find something we like, we say it's 'Sweet as'. When I look at DC Comics' January 2016 solicits, these six make the 'Sweet As' grade:

 PICK OF THE MONTH  SWAMP THING #1 Swamp Thing returns in an all-new series written by his co-creator, writer Len Wein! Swamp Thing has received an ominous warning, and now he finds himself under attack from the forces of dark magic. These are more than just your average monsters -- and there's something much worse looming on the horizon for Alec Holland! (W) Len Wein (A) Kelley Jones

 SOUNDS LIKE AWESOME  SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP #14 The surface world is threatened by an ancient menace from beneath the sea! This looks like a job for Scuba-Doo! Aquaman, Scooby and the gang will have to descend to the depths to unravel the mystery on the ocean floor. But are the supernatural creatures real, or is it just a scheme to conquer the undersea kingdom of Atlantis? (W) Sholly Fisch (A) Dario Brizuela


MIDNIGHTER #8 As he recovers from an assault that hit him harder than he ever could have imagined, Midnighter finds himself back in the sights of Spyral...but this time, they want him on their side! (W) Steve Orlando (A) ACO

JUSTICE LEAGUE #48 The epic "Darkseid War" continues as the League is forced to unite with their evil counterparts, the Crime Syndicate, to defeat the nigh-omnipotent Anti-Monitor! Plus, what is the terrible secret behind Superwoman's newborn child? (W) Geoff Johns (A) Jason Fabok

MARTIAN MANHUNTER #8 The reborn Martian Manhunter has refused to restore Earth! Instead, he's decided to make a new home for himself on the Martian world that's taken our planet's place -- much to the displeasure of Mr. Biscuits! (W) Rob Williams (A) Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

 JUMP ON HERE  GREEN LANTERN CORPS: EDGE OF OBLIVION #1 Picking up where Green Lantern: Lost Army left off! As the universe around them reaches entropy, the Green Lantern Corps must find a way home! Along the way, they'll face dying gods, worlds torn asunder and a desperate group of survivors whose only hope is these cosmic heroes. (W) Tom Taylor (A) Ethan Van

 What do you think?  For DC's full January solicits, click here.


  1. Hmmm.
    Well Kelley Jones has long been perfect for Swampy, so about time he's got a regular gig on that one, and with Len Wein no less. Here's hoping that pair has a long run in front of them.

    While not a big fan of Johns these days, that Darkseid/Anti-Monitor war stuff has been pretty solid as of late. And they'll finally reveal what's up with Superwoman's baby and who the baby's daddy is? Hmmm.

    SO that's Jonnz's new look huh? I don't know. If it was an Elseworld's tale, yeah, but man, they're just pulling him farther and farther from his established look. I hope that's just his alien look, and not his regular look.

    Speaking of DC, did you watch that funny Robot Chicken DC Special they had on last week?

  2. tHANKS dale! No I haven't got around to that yet. Here it is on Netflix, but the last few weeks have been pretty busy here. Hopefully I'll get to check it out next week.

    The Darkseid War has being pretty cool huh? I think it's a bit dragged out compared to the Sinestro Corps War Johns wrote (which maybe one of the best crossovers of all time), but I'm loving the hell out of Fabok's take on the New Gods - especially Kalibak!

    As for classic looks being updated, I wish there was a break fans could apply when a costume reaches classic look status by an overwhelming majority. Personally every time I look at Jessica Drew's new "realistic" outfit, my childhood fractures even more.

  3. I hear you on that. I think the whole Milo Manailla thing sealed the nail in that costume's coffin , even the new one really isn't all that inspiring. And she's pregnant now by some unknown baby daddy. If Marvel was trying to turn Spider-Woman into a more presentable role model for women, than why go with that angle?