Wednesday, January 06, 2016

FAN-TASTIC! The X-Men: The Danger Room Protocols Trailer

There’s not one time my phone rings where I don’t wish it was the theme tune to Fox’s X-Men cartoon of the 90’s. That is almost just as good as The Touch song that played when the matrix was won by the Autobots in the animated (and still best) Transformers movie.

Now Canadian animator, Joel Furtado has created a teaser for his X-Men: The Danger Room Protocols animated series, and not only does it recapture that 90’s Saturday morning feel, mixing it with the look of the X-Men Sega Genesis game of the same timeframe, it adds new members to the core cast, like Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Iceman and Colossus.

In true 90’s style, the upcoming 18 episodes will be a ‘Street Fighter’ of sorts, as the children of the atom battle their biggest rivals in Danger Room scenarios. Juggernaut, Spiral, Sentinels and Magneto are just some of the heavyweights teased to stomp down, when the premiere debuts on YouTube January 19.


  1. It's strange- at the end of the video you can see the animation / designs before he puts the pixel-effect on it; and it looks better without it for sure!

  2. I'm just glad he's using a computer King - I dug out the last animation I ever hand drew not that long ago and I still remember getting frustrated over the bouncy movement between frames!

  3. Oh WOW! This just made my inner kid very happy( s'cuse me while I poke em to shut em up for a bit) Damn. Just gorgeous. Can;t to wait to watch these then. Thank for the heads up and if you want that X-Men ringtone, go to Zedge at your app store. It's free, virus-free, and it offers lots of goodies like the x-men animated theme. Check it out!

    1. Dale - a new addiction has just formed! I'm going to be thumbing through that thing all night! Ringtone locked and loaded. Now I just need to wait for someone to call ;)

    2. Ha ha,nice. Glad I could contribute;) Trust me, if you're working, forget about getting any work done when you first discover all the cool things Zedge has.