Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I HAVE THE POWER! 'Fall of Grayskull' Re-Breathes Life Into Eternia

If someone had told me that $12,000 would get me a live-action Tri-Klops, I would've invented a Kickstarter program for Game-Boy in the 80's to get one.

Director Daniel Benedict took that princely sum (raised on Kickstarter), to create this live-action tale of a Teela racing to accept her destiny, in time to save He-Man (pro-wrestler Brian Cage) from the clutches of Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and yes, Tri-Klops. Mer-Men and Ladies; Fall of Grayskull.

The fan-love involved and the costuming is brilliant. Perfectly faithful to the original action figures, yet brandishing many modern touches, just look at Evil-Lyn’s sinister make-up and headpiece, they are perfect.

While the fantastic plot angles of Teela's self-confidence and grief over the death of her mother sadly seem to be left behind (hopefully for a sequel), so that He-Man and Skeletor can battle it out, I realise that Masters of the Universe has owned the imaginations of these fans and I for over thirty years!

Right from the narrator opening this tale, I'm transported back to the MOTU read-a-long book and tape sets I used to lay on the bed and play as a kid - his voice sounds identical!

So, click play already and give it a watch. Then flip over to the team's Facebook page or website to read the prequel comic and let them know what you thought of their amazing hard work!


  1. the people who made this definitely didn't have the power Dan. but in the interest of courtesy I left the details of my less then flatter review of this effort on the youtube video it's self.

    1. Less the flattering I meant to write. I hate that blogger deosnt allow you to edit comment I hope they fix that feature some day.

    2. Likewise Dale especially when auto correct changes words you meant to spell. It's just crazy.

  2. Holy shit; Teela's boobs! Jesus Christ, they're huge!
    So distractingly huge...

    That was a lot of fun, and had GREAT costume-design! And that was the voice of Skeletor doing the opening!

    ...Poor Evil-Lyn.
    I can't believe Castle Grayskullman was in it!!!
    And a nice Evil Horde and She-Ra tease at the end!
    How could someone not like this?

    1. I think the only reason people could say no is that TrapJaw is missing. Still I'm sure he'll be in the sequel... if not Stratos!

  3. That's what I'm saying. Low-buget? Sure, but look at what they were able to create with only $12,000. Now just imagine a waaaay bigger budget and you'll get better results. Damn impressed myself.
    And King's right. Teela's tits........masters of their own universe that I would gladly pay to play in;)

    Thanks for sharing this Dan. Loved it.

    1. No worries Dale - like Mum always says - 12K used to buy a lot more in my day ;)