Monday, February 15, 2016

JAFFA JURY: Deadpool Movie Review

"That guy was up there before I got here."

Today, a lady in my office asked how good Deadpool was, so she could decide if she would accept her husband's offer of a night out seeing Ryan Reynolds as the title character, busting some heads. 

My response? "Deadpool came out Thursday, by noon Sunday I'd seen it twice. Twice." In all it's R18 goodness. 

"You said my movie would finish where?"

I quickly explained that sure people splatter into street signs and there is a one-legged arse-kicking, but despite the ranking, it's the laughs and the heart of this merc with a mouth tale that actually brand the booty. Yes, 'heart'.

What I couldn't describe to someone of the non-comic fan variety, is that this movie is soooo good, it actually lifts a character I never ranked outside of his initial appearances all the way up into my Marvel Top 10.

With the exception of Mystique in the original X-Men film, no movie has done this, EVER.

Also like X-Men, the team behind this predicted sale and record breaker show they're taking it right up main street from the very first scene. Title credits that beat trolls to their keyboards, a wedgie, 'Rob L' and The Carpenters. It's all right there.

The absolute key to the success of what follows is Ryan himself. His persistence with the studios got this film greenlit, and his communication with his fellow fans helped this simple tale of a testicle-faced looking boy trying to save girl take off. 

The girl, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is perfectly cast. The first time I saw her, I couldn't help picture Domino's facepaint and buzzing out even more (you know, should an X-Force movie chose to tell THAT story).

Sure Wade's origin is twisted and Negasonic Teenage Warhead wasn't powered in the comics like she is here (due to Cannonball originally being scripted for this role), but you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs, and as the post-credit scenes (x2) roll, I don't think anyone is left mourning the resulting taste.

Especially not Ryan.

I liked what he brought to Hal Jordan and Hannibal King as much as I did his role in The Amityville Horror remake, but in Deadpool, he has truly hit it big.

Landing a role he obviously digs, one that fits him like a red and black warsuit should (with or without flutterwings) and lets him break the fourth wall with comments ripped right from the audience's head, shows that nice guys actually don't finish last. Especially when they carry katana.

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  1. LOL--is that the actual promo poster? Absolute genius.

    1. It sure is Comicsfan - there's even a high-res version on the movie website fans can decorate their walls with. The ads for this movie alone have been deserving of an Oscar...

  2. I'm seeing it later today with my girlfriend and sister, so glad to hear you enjoyed it as well Dan. Unlike GL, I think Reynolds humor really is best served here, and everything from the trailers to the overwhelming positive response confirms the studios were right in hiring him.

    1. Soooooo what did you think?? Better yet what was the best part?

  3. Agreed, saw it yesterday with the wife as part of our Valentines Day weekend and we both loved it. Among other things it was good seeing Gina Carono on the big screen again and for Ryan Renolds to be in a good movie for a change. Morena Bacarin never looked hotter but I'd be id be lying if watching Caramo kick some ass deosnt give me a stiffy as well especially when should happens to have a wardrobe malfunction during a fight.

    1. If I wrote the script Dave, Colossus still would've taken the shot, wardrobe malfunction or not. Heck, he's fought the White Queen, Madelyne Prior and more - all who wear less than that! ;)