Saturday, February 06, 2016

BACK ON THE CHAIN GANG: The Sleepwalker Fan Series Trailer

I think some of these Sleepwalker covers are Joe Quesada's most unknown gigs. That said, the Marvel hero who ventures from the Mindscape to fight crime, whenever his 'host' teenager Rick Sheridan slept, is now one step closer to his fan-film series release, with the debut of the series' trailer.

For the past few months, I have been eating up the behind the scenes imagery on the Sleepwalker production crew's Facebook page. To see Rick and Sleepy finally live, is amazing - so here is to writer / directors Josh Noftz and Joe Bariso for making it all happen!


  1. I'm excited! But Disney shut down that fan-made X-Men: Danger Room series you posted about... These guys better watch out.

  2. Yup! King beat me to it, but exactly. He might be forced to take this beautiful piece of work done....even though it's done more with the character in almost 2 minutes than Marvel has in over 20 years. Love this!

  3. Thanks guys! I can't wait - the facebook page has been an amazing insight into the production of this film, and I'd really feel for the crew if Marvel got heavy. Hopefully that doesn't happen since it's not a character they are trying to prevent promotion of while the movie rights are at Fox!

  4. oh dear lord! please let THIS happen. maybe they can make a Cloak & Dagger mini, next?

    1. Cloak and Dagger would be awesome Justin! Marvel's got to give the original Runaways their due themselves soon surely!