Monday, March 21, 2016

FACE-OFF: The Top 6 Elektra Artists Ever (Up Until Now)

Netflix's Daredevil season 2 is a global hit due to Elektra stealing the limelight with a quick sai thrust into her foe and perhaps a roundhouse kick to the throat for good measure. 

Having set fans hearts on fire since her 80's arrival, she may have never worn the shoulder pads and big hair dos of her era (that was Typhoid Mary's job), but she's outlasted many that did, secured multiple solo series', a 'real world' modelling job and multiple video game roles (yes, I'm leaving that *cough* movie out)!

To celebrate her latest success, here The Top 6 Elektra Artists Ever (up until now) (click to enlarge)!

6) JAY ANACLETO Forget Wonder Woman - only one greek amazon went all-white and looked just as good if not better than when in her iconic red suit, and that's Elektra. Here her swords are half as lethal as her stare! 

5) FRANK MILLER I'm going to get shot for this, but I think Frank only got a grip on drawing his own creation from Elektra Lives Again onwards. His take became more cultured, stylised and gritty - just like Elektra herself.

4) JULIAN TEDESCO Julian's Thunderbolts covers shot of the shelf, boosted by the insane way he gave Elektra a model's physique but still kept her lethal and deadly. Just Google his name and hers for a bloodsoaked face you won't forget!

As for the top three artists, well you're just going to have to click here for those...
3) MIKE DEODATO Boy I had this image on everything for years. Done as an inhouse advert artwork for his Elektra series at the time, it is easily the first image I think of, whenever I hear Elektra's name.

2) BILL SIENKIEWICZ Having recently returned to comics #1 femme fatale and proven he is as good as when he left, Bill was one of the first artists to elevate comics into fine art, and he used one of its finest women to do it.

 1) LEINIL FRANCIS YU  In the dark surrounded by Hand ninjas or in the light surrounded by.... well.... hand ninjas, no one compares to Leinil's take on Elektra. It's like Phil Noto, Jae Lee and Mike Mignola had a little art baby right there on the page, and it brings a tear to my eye just to see it.

If another solo series is on the rise, I would back Leinil in a heartbeat. He's woefully without a huge gig at the moment, and he could do for Elektra what he did for Wolverine - even without a writer. I mean with art this good, I wouldn't mind a silent series. Would you?

 Who is your favourite Elektra artist? 



    You fiend!!!
    He would have been #1, and Deodato my #2... that image WAS everywhere.

    1. Promise King, next time I do this list Bill will be #1, just because we are buds ;)

  2. I'd have added Salvador Larocca, Ed Benes, Phil Noto and Greg Horn to this list myself. But not bad. Gotta agree with you on Sienkiewicz's placement though. I'd argue his still wasn't always a consistent as he was constantly experimenting, which is fine and all, but his rendition was never really the same, so #5 or even #4 for the history/iconic status his renditions deserves.

    1. OOOOhhhh good choices Dale! Salvador did a great Ultimate Elektra. I was actually surprised to see little or no Elektra by Adam Hughes or Jim Lee. What happened there?

  3. Fuck, yeah Adam Hughes. Should've put him in there.
    As much as love Jim Lee's art, Elektra, especially his rendition of her is not one I like seeing. It's rare, but I personally don't think he draws a good Elektra. And yes, I know how crazy that sounds.