Sunday, April 17, 2016

WOLVERINE WATCH OUT! Arsus, The Machine Gun Bear-Man Is Coming For You In Guardians Trailer

Sure War Machine carries a machine gun or three at times, but even Iron Man's best buddy can't turn Hulk-style into a feral bear and carry a machine gun at the same time. That honour goes to Arsus, the star of the trailer for Guardians (translated from Russian), an upcoming film about a group of four heroes who must step forward to save the USSR.

Ripping the enemies to pieces, Arsus can turn full or part bear depending on the crisis at hand.

Products of the Cold War, each of the four 'Patriot' DNA-enhanced operatives represent a different nationality of the Soviet Union - Khan even carries the world's meanest looking sickles as weapons, ones that can cut through armoured vehicles and their passengers, with ease!

With a pretty slick Instagram page, Arsus, Ler (earth manipulation), Ksenia (Turn body to water) and Kahn, reunite in modern times to face August Kuratov, a man who controls technology and uses this power to build an army of clones, in order to take over Moscow and then the world.

While Guardians opens in Russia on Feb. 23, 2017, hopefully it will also get an external release!

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