Monday, June 27, 2016

Who Could Kellan Lutz Play In Masters of The Universe?

The way most people feel about the Transformers - I feel about Masters of the Universe. In fact now that Warcraft has bombed at the movies, cinema is still wide open for the sci-fi meets magic civil-war world of Eternia - from Trap-Jaw to She-Ra - to return to their 80's glory.

While the slowly developing reboot at Sony has been defined by the Battle Cat concept art thus far, today Greyskull come another step closer, with actor Kellan Lutz saying on Twitter, he'd met with Director McG and producer Mary Viola, and that the franchise was in "great hands".

Now with his blonde hair and bulk comparisons are instantly been made with He-Man, but let's face it, this guy has the physical attributes to play any of the core faces: Beast-Man, Tri-Klops and my man Stratos three that spring to mind.

While the net buzzes about the Tweet and the thought of hearing by the power of grayskull one more time, for me it is just exciting that somewhere, right now at Sony, Masters of the Universe is still progressing.


  1. I don't know mate. I don't really trust Hollyweird these days, and MOTU seems like one of the legit last cash cow franchises of the 80's that hasn't been ruined yet. God I hope they don't fuck this up.

  2. Thanks Dale! I just know I need a new MOTU movie! My old DVD of the 80's version is a bit used by now.