Thursday, November 30, 2017

Get This Man A Shield: The Black Order Take On Earth’s Mightiest In Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Now that’s going to leave a mark! The new trailer to Avengers: Infinity War manages to deliver what few of their comic kin achieve: iconic dramatic moments and a sense of PLOT with direction in just a few seconds.

From Black Panther ordering the evacuation of the city to Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy seemingly headed to stop Thanos’ invasion at its interstellar source, this one has it all.

With Cap, Vision, Winter Soldier and Hawkeye my 'Fantastic Four', I’m almost left a drooling mess by seeing Cap catch that spear like it was nothing and lead his team of ‘Secret Avengers’ and Wakandans into battle, sporting gauntlets that may tease an energy shield like USAgent’s in the pages of Marvel’s Force Works.

Then there’s Vision – can he survive the gem that 'birthed' him being ripped from his forehead? While I hold out hope that a gem-free android will lead to a live version of the 90’s ‘white' Vision, the betting agent isn’t so sure.

 What do you think?


  1. I know right? Goddamn that was cool AF when he did that. I'm hoping he keeps the beard though, Looks good on him.
    You maybe right about that energy shield thing too. I figure that'll be temporary at best though because you just KNOW he'll get his old shield back, and knowing Tony, it'll probably be upgraded too.

    As for a white Vision, hmm. I'd be curious as to how they pull of the visual on that one, other than just turning his current look all white.

    And I know I've said this ad nausem since the trailer was released, but THIS is why Marvel is superior when it comes to making live-action movies. 'Nuff said.

  2. Yeah I think they've scored the biggest home-run with the Cap Movies, largely building off the work of Lee, Kirby, Brubaker and Epting, and this shows exactly that. In a movie full of 'higher powers' the mere mortal is still the leading light.

    Yeah poor DC, I was watching this and thinking - Marvel really excells in the Avengers films with shots of the whole team ready for battle or fighting. Running through the forest in Age of Ultron, arriving at the invasion in Avengers and even the GotG swirl around of the team in vol2.

    Justice League never had that shot, except for when standing still on the hill afterwards. What a huge missed opportunity that was. Still, onwards and upwards!

  3. Dan, did you see the Justice League yet?

    1. Yup, sure did. Hoping for a third time this weekend too.

  4. Cap's definitely getting the energy shield and possibly a death sentence this time around. I'm betting Bucky is the new Cap.

    1. That would be awesome I think Omega - the Cap movies are very Brubaker-based so it would make perfect sense too.

      Its odd saying Winter Soldier is one of my top 5 Marvel characters though. Had someone said ten years ago Bucky Barnes would be in that group I would have laughed in their face along with everyone in the room. Funny how things change huh?