Saturday, November 25, 2017

HITS FROM THE SPINNER RACK: Marvel's February 2018 Solicitations

Marvel's February 2018 solicitations are out, and it's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the former House of Ideas. Let's shake the tree and see what fruit forms the pick of the crop.

1. It's been a slippery slope ever since Wolverine joined The Avengers, and now, everyone from Hyperion to Sunspot seems to be on the team. It ain't right. When people call for "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", they should receive earth’s premier threat response unit, not whatever person has slapped on spandex in a 5-mile radius.

Seeing Marvel’s No Surrender story-arc return old favourites and include iconic moments like a team-up between Wonder Man and Beast in The Avengers this month, gives me hope that the team's upcoming revival will make 'Avengers Assemble' actually mean something once more.

2. The caped pitchfork-welding, demon horse pulled chariot-riding version of Daimon Hellstrom, Son of Satan, was one of THE Marvel characters that first got me hooked on comics back in the 80's. So seeing the Spirits of Vengeance mini-series close in February is bittersweet, though my fingers are crossed that in its absence, Marvel doesn’t leave its often unsung 'Midnight Sons' without light for too long.

3. The mad titan's right-hand man is the cosmic spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider, in Thanos #16! Whoever thought up this fearsome pair is NOT being paid enough. Plus: Galactus!

4. My favourite goblin is the Hobster by a landslide, however, I'm still excited that Norman Osborn is about to be the Green Goblin again in Amazing Spider-Man #796. Marvel is actually feeling like Marvel again.

5. Rarely can I end a Marvel list without some Fantastic Four-themed number. With Reed Richards stretching into the pages of Marvel 2-In-One #3, 3 quarters of the team are back in action, although that crafty minx, The Invisible Woman has probably been in every panel to this point and just hasn’t revealed herself yet.

 What're you eyeing up most from Marvel next Feb? 


  1. bloody Hell! look who's back.

  2. OH. MY. JAY-SUS.......BRAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Goddamn man. It's nice to see the year give something back after all it's taken from us so far.
    Feel free to stay awhile this time mate;)

    Ok, so far as comics go, pretty much dropping out of touch with the business with a couple exceptions and the occasional back issue.
    But yeah I saw the Avengers storyline and it looks good, but we'll see how it sticks the landing. At least Bendis isn't attached to this.

    Thoughts on Bendis leaving to go to DC?

    We need a full on Midnight Sons revival, but this is a start.

  3. glad to see your return.

  4. Thanks guys! I was just going to do a couple of posts before announcing a 'return', but glad to see you have kept an eye on this wee corner of the internet and saved me a job!

    The last few months have been pretty full on, but now a quieter time is on the cards, I want to focus on what makes me happy - and part of that is running this here blog. I have a few new features in mind though, so looking forward to trying it all out.

    Like you Dale, I had also pulled out from comics, and wasn't engaged until DC Rebirth came along. I'm lucky I gave that a shot because not only is DC on a roll, probably one of the best mini-series I've read in ages is going down there right now, but I'll probably do a post on Mr Miracle later this week.

    Marvel needs a 'Tabitha Takes Over' kind of rescue, and I hope Quesada can do that on the back of Marvel Legacy, now he's returning. Too many titles, too many revamps, too much over exposure.

    Bendis at DC seems odd. It's not a pairing that seems to be a natural one, but I guess that's because he's been Mr Marvel for so long and events he's spearheaded, like Avengers Disassembled and The Dark Avengers era wouldn't work themeatically in the brighter DCU.

    That said though, I do see him as the guy that can actually make Suicide Squad seem more like Suicide Squad. That book is too super-hero at the moment, and I think Bendis and the Wall are not only a perfect combination, but together could steer the title more in the grim n gritty, pulp direction it needs to go in, and bring team deaths - which is key to the concept - back to the book.

    I guess we'll see...

  5. Hmm, now that wouldn't be a bad idea, Bendis and the Wall. Hmm, point.
    Well I'm glad you're back regardless. Been awfully quiet without a certain Kiwi around these here parts;)