Tuesday, November 28, 2017

WHERE'S NEEGAN: The Walking Dead Myers-Briggs Test

Its a safe bet that while you're reading this thousands of people around the planet are stuck in a workplace staff development gig, doing the Myers-Briggs test, 99% of them for the 15th time or more.

Now, to make the infamous personality test more attractive to the pop culture hordes, we have a Walking Dead-themed version - which almost looks like a menu at a zombie all-you-can-eat, or Neegan's own personal checklist.

So take the test and see who you are. Me? I just want to be Carol. She's the best and can pretty much take on every zombie at once. I definitely don't want to be the lawn zombie - mind you Glenn and Abraham were similar street pizza in the end too (spoiler warning) so you're not much safer being them (click to enlarge).

 Who were you? 


  1. Took the test. I'm boarderline on a lot of those, like the Judger or Preciever, and the Feeler and Thinker. Otherwise, I'm both an Introvert and Intuitive apparently. Sooooo INFJ probably fits the most...for now. I guess that makes me Gabriel. You?

  2. Haha - I was borderline too (like Two-Face), although mine rattled out to be mainly ENFP, or Bob. I'm calling ENFP Carol.