Thursday, December 07, 2017

ALL I WANT FOR XMAS 2017: The NEW Marvel Legends Ghost Rider

I'm such a crusty demon that I just can't buy Ghost Rider as a boy racer in a car. Sorry 'bout it. Especially when the original Johnny Blaze, the motorbike madman who sold his soul for love is a concept with still so much potential.

That's why I'm glad the revamped Marvel's Legends line is about to burn up the shelves with two motorbike-based stocking fillers - one of them Johnny himself!

Okay so J.B. and Black Widow won't officially be ready until "early 2018", but hey, Santa has to operate a wish-list like Amazon right? Any Santa that didn't would certainly be worthy of the penance stare!

 What do you think? 


  1. I want this SOOOO bad, if nothing else because we finally get a proper old-school Johnny Blaze GR figure. I'll take the widow one too.
    2018 is gonna be Lit AF as far as Marvel Legends goes.

  2. I've streamlined my figure collection, but this one makes a strong, loud argument for some shelf space.

  3. hey Doug - good to see your name pop up again. The rate the Doom Patrol book is going you'll have figures to fill that space any day now!

    Dave, ML has always been cool, but I really think they have hit another level since the black box packaging days. Hopefully Marvel Comics themselves can have an equally as successful revamp.

  4. If they did do a 6inch figure scaled Ghostrider mobile it would be Epic. Even if they did a 3 3/4 scaled Ghostrider muscle car it would blow the figure collecting community on our asses and change the game.

    1. A life sized GR is now on my mind. Especially if the head lit like a lamp at night - now that would be awesome. Sadly, probably cost a shyte load too.