Monday, January 29, 2018

ABSOLUTE (NO) JUSTICE: Martian Manhunter Rejoins League, Alongside Starro, Starfire, Etrigan and More

I don't know about you, but every time I see Brainiac's tentacle-headed spacecraft, my excitement level soars.

Following the conclusion of DC Metal, the collector of worlds visits earth in said ship once more, warning Superman of a cosmic threat that will need the combined might of new heroes and Earth's greatest villains in order to be defeated. Enter May's four-issue weekly mini-series, Justice League: No Justice.

Written by Scott Snyder (who will also take over the core Justice League title in June), Josh Williamson, and James Tynion IV (who will also pen new League-based spin-off titles after the event) with art from Frances Manapul, No Justice will explore DC Metal's revelation that the possibilities and threats of the new larger DC cosmos dwarf those of the much smaller Multiverse that was previously thought to be all that existed.

With such a galactic scale plot, the Justice League of Aliens is my favourite team out-of-the-gate, with Starfire's long overdue League-ising, the return of Martian Manhunter to JLA status, Superman, Sinestro (who may explain Green Lantern's absence), and the amazing visual that is Starro the Conquerer - comics' most deadly starfish.

The Flash's team looks set to be the brain trust of the four crews revealed so far, with Cyborg, The Atom and Damian Wayne at his side. Luckily Harley Quinn mallets up to balance out the scales.

The medieval-ish League Wonder Woman heads also strikes a formidable pose, with Jason Blood and his demonised alter-ego Etrigan back in League gear - a member I've missed ever since Joe Kelly's WAY underrated JLA run wrapped. Magic masters Dr Fate and Zatanna, along with the daughter of the demon Trigon, Raven filling the other spots.

Keeping your friends close and enimies closer is the theme of Batman's team. With Beast Boy and Bats keeping order over Lobo, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke.

Who will be THE League from June onwards? That remains to be seen. However it looks like DC is showing its flagship team some serious love once more, putting two iconic League traits front and center; large scale earth-shattering events that no hero can truly handle alone, and that core-coolness of the team's satellite era, having the league split up to tackle multiple crises' at once. Looking forward to it!


  1. Yeah I saw this over at Gary's blog over at

    I'll give to responses to this, one optimistic and cheery, the other pessimistic and harsh:

    1). On one hand, this offers the fans something different, but also serves as a bit of an homage to the classic Cosmic Odyssey mini-series by Jim Starlin back in the day, with its odd mix of pairings. Also that one tine in 2001 when the JL was broken up into 7 separate teams, each complete with their own theme, like the JLAliens and such.

    2). And on the other it reeks of a cheap marketing ploy with the unnecessary inclusion of Harley Quinn in a JL team. She's pretty much become what Wolverine was back in 2004 when he joined the New Avengers, the unnecessary (but fun for awhile) addition of a very popular character who normally wouldn't have ever been an Avenger.
    Someone else could've been on that team of brain trusts, and while I know that Harley's no dummy since she was a licensed doctor, that still doesn't justify her inclusion other than to help grab as many potential readers as possible.
    I also don't get Starro's inclusion (but at least he's a space guy so it makes more sense for him to be there) when Adam Strange or even Comet Man would've been better. And then there's Beast Boy....Yeah it's good thing I quit the big two.

    Don't mean to be "that guy" and rain on your enthusiasm mate. Just not for me, but by all means enjoy it yourself. Let me know how it went.

  2. No worries Dale - I think Starro is a brilliant choice and probably one of the draws of the event to see how that works. While I don't think evil dudes should ever be on an actual League, seeing them team with the League for a storyline will be pretty good.

  3. Well I'm very happy about Starfire. She's always had the muscle for the big leagues and it's about time they pulled her in.

    1. Definitely a high-five there Random - Starfire is looonnnggg overdue. Hopefully she makes the final cut in the League that is left standing!