Friday, January 05, 2018

SWEET AS: Comics' Other Top 5 March 2018 Solicitations

When we Kiwis find something we like, we say it's 'Sweet as'. When I look at all the solicitations for publishers outside the 'Big Two', these five comics make the 'Sweet As' grade:

Cyber Force #1 was my first Image comic. I just dug the visual of Stryker having multiple cyborg arms. In this latest relaunch, creator Marc Silvestri is providing a cover and overseeing the return of his cybernetically-enhanced mutants in March, in a new series by writers Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill, and artist Atilio Rojo. Surviving a terrorist attack thanks to his employers, Morgan Stryker is set to pay with his humanity. (Image Comics – More details)

One of the most distinctive and powerful voices in music guest stars in The Archies #6 – BLONDIE! After the music legends finish producing The Archies first album, will the band say ‘Call Me’ or will they have a Heart of Glass? (Archie Comics – More details)

Quantum and Woody is always wall-to-wall fun. #4 of the current series even takes place in Australia, which is right next door to me! The world’s worst superhero team have found Woody's dad. Will Quantum handle a more inebriated version of his unpredictable partner? (Valiant Comics – More details)

Being an orphan without a sense of belonging is one thing, being  the latest in a line of men who are bound to a murderous voodoo spirit in order to become the latest Shadowman is another. But that is life for Jack Boniface. His March #1 sees Green Arrow: Year One writer, Andy Diggle turn up the horror dial as Jack confronts the demons of the real world while literally battling his own. (Valiant Comics – More details)

Shadowman and The Crow relaunching in the same month? Are we sure this isn’t Halloween? In The Crow: Memento Mori #1, David, the new Crow, seeks vengeance in Rome against the terrorists that murdered him and his girlfriend. (IDW / Edizioni BD – More details)

 What do you think?  


  1. Wow, Blondie in Archie. I sense a battle between Blondie and Betty, forcing Archie to judge who's the real "Atomic Blonde." ;)

    While Cyberforce wasn't my first Image comic (I think either Spawn or Youngblood#0 was my first) I do still remember very fondly seeing the first Cyberforce#1 on the comic spinner rack at a local grocery story, Keen's, to be exact. That, along with Wal-mart, was where I faithfully bought Flash, GL, and my 90's nostalgic Marvel favorites, Darkhawk and Sleepwalker. I gotta' say, despite distancing myself from the comic book world these days, I did get to read the new approach they're using here, with the whole trans movement and expanding on the self-modification ideas that Warren Ellis present in Doctor Sleepless here, so I truly hope it succeeds. I've missed Cyberforce, even if they started out as an X-Men clone.

  2. Thanks Dale! Yeah, I wonder how Archie landed that scoop. Its cool to see non-political famous faces making guest appearances!

    Yeah I think as the world has gone on, Cyber force has become more relevant. I think always at its core was the fact that humans want to be better or what they believe they are they want to be shown externally, and are willing to pay big bucks or sacrifice to get it.

    More so than the mutant angle, that's been the spin of the book for me, a world where that desire to lose yourself and be who you dream to be - or what others pay for you to be, is the world we are actually moving into in a lot of areas. If this new #1 takes another step in that direction, it could easily run longer than the other Cyber Force series. Especially if Marc pencils the whole odd issue (crosses fingers).

    1. Dan, like in the case of most any new comics these days I have no idea about any of this stuff in your posting. But I do loves me some Debra Harry (Blondie). She's pure 80s gold I used to have such a mad crush on her when I was a kid and I still have best of Blondie music cd some where around here. Let me know what you thought of Star Wars assuming you've seen it already.

    2. Hey Dave! Debra's voice sure is one of the all-time female greats IMO, think she even toured with chrissie Hynes out here last year.

      Yeah, I saw Star Wars, but wasn't a fan - hence no review. Liked Rouge One way better. Looking forward to Black Panther though!

    3. sounds like we're on the same page when it comes to the Star Wars movies in recent years.