Saturday, January 16, 2021

SWEET AS: DC Comics' Top 5 for April 2021

When we Kiwis find something we like, we say it's 'Sweet as'. When I look at all of DC Comics April 2021 solicitations, these five make the 'Sweet As' grade:

Forget Bats and Robin, Green Arrow and Black Canary are the Justice League's true dynamic duo.
ONE) This anthology series has been long overdue for all of us who feel Gotham's best are actually found in Batman's supporting cast. In BATMAN URBAN LEGENDS #2 separate tales tell of The Outsiders in Japan, Barbara Gordon breaking bad - not as Batgirl - but Oracle, Red Hood taking on the Dark Knight, and Cole Cash continuing to re-establish his Grifter-self in the DCU, crossing a certain other hotshot-in-a-red-mask in the process!

Julian Totino Tedesco's inspirational Superman cover for Action Comics #1030.
2) ACTION COMICS #1030 shows no signs of letting off the gas DC applied to Clark Kent's 'Future State' Warworld adventures. Here as his powers enter a state of flux, Mongul launches his biggest attack on Kal-El's adopted homeworld yet. Speaking of big, in the backup story, Midnighter needs to figure out how to swap his 2021 self back, as part of the ultimate armageddon response force, The Authority (40pgs).

3) The Green Lantern Corps was on fire at DC, until Grant Morrison's run came along and focused almost solely around Hal Jordan only again. Now with GREEN LANTERN #1, the best cosmic police force in pop culture looks set to get back on track, with a new beginning that has everyone from Teen Lantern to John Stewart in the mix (40pgs)!

4) Thank the New Gods Black Canary is back in the JLA. Seriously, the team just doesn't feel right without this woman in the mix. In further proving they're an equal opportunities employer, JUSTICE LEAGUE #60 sees Naomi and Wonder Woman's mum Hippolyta bring a better gender balance to 'earth's greatest heroes'. Then, in the backup story, the League meets Justice League Dark as they decide their new leader, while Batman and Erigan clash over the group's plans going forward (40pgs).

5) One of the newbies that I hope puts down roots with fans, is the new ongoing horror series for one of the DC's biggest icons from the 80s. THE SWAMP THING #2 sees Levi Kamei continue to overcome his fears and plant his feet into being the new protector of the green, while the Pale Wanderer racks up a horrific body count in his absence. (32pgs)

Read DC's full April 2020 solicitations here.

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